Welcome to igeowiki. A library for your processing and igeo sketches.

1. Download

The library contains sketches and examples of processing and igeo.
You are free to use anything in the library, anyway you want. All of the content of the site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence so if you share the sketches, please attribute them to either igeowiki.wordpress.com, or the original authors.

2. Improve

The aim of this blog is to extend, improve and enhance content, if you want to add examples, samples, ideas, thoughts or recipes please email us a igeowiki.yahoo.co.uk and we will give you details to log in and edit posts. If you find a better way to solve the problem, upload your improved version.

3. Add

Everyone is reinventing the wheel in computational geometry. So if you have found a way to solve a problem, help everyone out by sharing it here.

If something is wrong please email us at igeowiki@yahoo.co.uk

iGeo is free and open source 3D modeling software library in Java for computational design in architecture, product design, interaction design and more. iGeo is designed to provide functionality of code-based 3D modeling, practicality of use in computational design practice and extensibility to cooperate with other data processing components and real-time input/output interaction interfaces to other various media in Java.

iGeo is developed by the computational designer Satoru Sugihara for computational design practice. It has been developed privately since 2002 for his media arts, interaction design and architectural design work and in 2011 the new version of the software is published as open source software, adding an interface to Processing for convenience and educational purpose.


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